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    Dodd Statement on Third Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

    WASHINGTON, DC – Former Senator Chris Dodd released the following statement on tomorrow’s third anniversary of the Affordable Care Act being signed into law by President Barack Obama.  

     “The benefits and protections of the Affordable Care Act have already positively impacted the lives of families across the country. Now, as the law moves forward, more states must follow the lead of Connecticut and others – working at the state and federal level to ensure the benefits and protections of this law are available to all Americans.

     “It was a long and difficult road to reach this point with countless men and women throughout the country tirelessly fought for years. People like my good friend Ted Kennedy who never gave up believing that we could be a nation that provided for the health and wellbeing of its citizens, or fighting to make it a reality. The historic accomplishment that is the Affordable Care Act could never have been completed without the decades of dedication from men like him. And while three years later much progress has been made, our hard work to bring quality, affordable care to all Americans will continue.”

     When Chairman Kennedy became ill in 2008, he asked Senator Dodd to oversee the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions work on health care reform.  On July 15, 2009, Senator Dodd phoned Chairman Kennedy to inform him that the committee had passed its version of health care reform, the first committee to pass health legislation that would later be combined into the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.