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    Working to protect the rights of all Americans, Dodd signs on as an original cosponsor of the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987, which is signed into law on March 22.

    A strong advocate for human rights across the globe, Senator Dodd cosponsors a joint resolution criticizing the Soviet Government’s active persecution of religious believers in Ukraine. The resolution becomes law on May 2.

    To support the great need for food assistance programs in the country, Dodd signs on as an original cosponsor of the Hunger Prevention Act of 1988, which requires that the United States Department of Agriculture make additional types of commodities available through the Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program. The bill also tasks the USDA to improve the child nutrition and food stamp programs and to provide other hunger relief efforts. It is signed into law on September 19.

    Dodd authors and shepherds passage of the Full Credit Card Cost Disclosure Act to clearly inform consumers of full credit card terms by providing more detailed and uniform disclosure by credit card issues with respect to information on interest rates and other fees incurred by consumers. The bill, signed into law on November 3, also requires the Federal Reserve to write semi-annual surveys to provide consumer credit card information, giving consumers information they need.