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    A longtime supporter of funding for HIV/AIDS programs, Dodd signs on as an original cosponsor of the Ryan White CARE Act of 1990, which provides health care and support services to the hundreds of thousands of Americans living with HIV and AIDS. The bill is signed into law on August 18. Dodd also cosponsors amendments to the Ryan White CARE Act in 1996 and 2000.

    Senator Dodd authors the Securities Enforcement Remedies and Penny Stock Reform Act of 1990, which gives the Securities Exchange Commission the ability to directly impose civil penalties on violators of securities laws. It is signed into law on October 15.

    Dodd cosponsors the Weir Farm National Historic Site Establishment Act of 1990, which establishes the Weir Farm as a historic site to preserve the life and work of landscape artist J. Alden Weir. The bill is signed into law on October 31.

    Dodd cosponsors the National and Community Service Act of 1990, which creates the Commission on National and Community Service that supports service-learning programs for school-aged youth, higher education service programs, youth corps and national service demonstration models. The bill is signed into law on November 16.

    Dodd cosponsors the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act, which creates and expands housing programs to advance opportunities for homeownership and economic independence. The bill is signed into law on November 28.

    Dodd sponsors the Truth in Savings Act, which defines the annual percentage yield and requires it to be disclosed to consumers. The legislation standardizes the method of calculating yields payable on accounts and investments and requires clear, uniform disclosure of key costs of the accounts, and prohibits banks from paying interest on less than 100% of money deposited.