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    Dodd with Dourk’s family.Senator Dodd helps constituents Hak Pheap Dourk and her son, Jason Pa, who immigrated to the United States from Cambodia, reunite with their family. During the Killing Field atrocities in Cambodia in the 1970s, Dourk and Pa were separated from their other siblings and family members. For 25 years, they believed that these family members had been murdered but in early 2002, they received news from the Red Cross that eight of their family members had been found alive. In April, after Senator Dodd requests a grant of humanitarian Parole from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Dourk is reunited with her children and the grandchildren she had never met.

    Senator Dodd cosponsors the Keeping Children and Families Safe Act of 2003, which is signed into law on June 25. The bill reauthorizes the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, which helps states prevent and treat child abuse and neglect through grant programs. It also reauthorizes the Adoption Opportunities, Abandoned Infants Assistance and Family Violence Prevention and Services Acts.

    Dodd authors the Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Firefighters Act, which gives local fire departments the ability to alleviate critical shortfalls in professional and volunteer personnel. Since 2005, 21 grants have been awarded to Connecticut fire departments and emergency personnel, totaling more than $7.4 million.

    Senator Dodd authors the Coltsville Study Act of 2003, which directs the Secretary of the Interior to study the Coltsville section of Hartford to evaluate its national significance, its importance to preserving the history of precision manufacturing and its suitability for designation as a unit of the National Park System. The bill is signed into law on October 3.

    Dodd speaking at a press conference about the establishment of a Museum of African American History and Culture.Dodd cosponsors the Pediatric Research Equity Act of 2003, which is signed into law on December 3. The bill protects children’s safety by granting the Food and Drug Administration the authority to require studies of pediatric drugs to ensure that they are safe for use by children.

    Dodd oversees the establishment of the new Museum of African American History and Culture.

    Senator Dodd cosponsors the Birth Defects and Development Disabilities Prevention Act of 2003, which amends the original 1998 bill by requiring that research be conducted and promoted on the prevention of birth defects and disabilities. The bill is signed into law on December 3.